What Happens To A Bail Bond When Court Is Missed


When a person is released from jail on a bail bond, they are also making a promise to go to all the court dates they are required to go to. Going to court is a condition of their release. If there is a conflict, it is best to get the other obstacle moved out of the way, and not the court date. However, if it is really a pressing conflict, the individual is advised to speak with their lawyer and the judge in order to request a change of date. The judge may or may not allow it, but if they don’t, it is imperative that the individual shows up to their appointed court date.

If they miss a court date for whatever reason, the bail bond, and thus their freedom from jail, is in jeopardy. The judge may give a warning or forfeit the bond immediately. If and when this happens, the defendant will be taken back into custody. If this does not happen promptly or smoothly, the judge can issue a bench warrant for arrest, alerting the police.

For those who are not trying to be problematic and are trustworthy, the bail agent can reinstate the bail bond and request that the bench warrant be cancelled. If this follows through, the defendant will not be taken back into custody.

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