How long does it take to get out on Bail

The paperwork takes approximately 30 minutes, not including transportation time. The release time for the defendant after the jail receives our paperwork is generally one hour or less for local Police Departments and 3-12 hours for County Jails. Generally speaking, the busier the holding facility, the longer it takes.

How much does it cost for a Bail Bond?

The premium due upon posting of bail is 12% of the total bail amount. This rate, or “Premium”, is across the board for all bail bond agencies. For Example, A $20,000 Bail Bond has a premium rate of $2,000. This premium is NON-REFUNDABLE and fully earned once the defendant is released from custody. There are instances where Premium can be discounted on approval from the surety.

Baton Rouge Bail Bonds offers interest free financing and flexible terms, if necessary. Whether you pay now or pay in installments, a bail bond still costs 12% of the bail amount. CALL US AT 225-618-1111 FOR MORE DETAILS.

Are there “Discounts” available?

Yes. If you’ve hired a personal attorney or you’re an active union member, homeowner, AARP member, military (active or retired), we can offer a 20% discount.

Do you do Immigration and federal bonds?


Do I need collateral?

Every case is different. Most of the time a co-signer who has full-time employment will not need to put up collateral. However, when a bail bond amount is larger than $100,000, or if there is an unpaid balance at the time of bonding, collateral can become necessary. Each case is unique unto itself. Please call for more details.

When is the bail process over?

When the court “Exonerates” the bail bond, the process is over. An exoneration is granted when the defendant fulfills all of their court ordered obligations. There can be no missed court dates thru sentencing. When LA Bail Bonds have received a copy of the exoneration in our office, we release any and all collateral. They still have to make payments if they’re on a payment plans. Once your premium is paid-off through any payment plans, you are no longer liable.

Can we bail by phone or can you come to us?

Yes on both. If you have a fax machine and credit card, we can bail by phone. We offer free mobile service to your home or office (In unmarked, Discreet vehicles) and we also have many locations for your convenience as well. There is no situation we cannot handle. We bail statewide in Louisiana and we also offer nationwide assistance, if necessary. We never run credit checks, they’re unnecessary.

What do I do now?

Call LA Bail Bonds at 225-618-1111. Serving Baton Rouge, including Baton Rouge County, Orange County, San Bernardino, Riverside and Ventura County. We’re always open to help you get bail started immediately. We look forward to assisting you.