We make bail cheaper and easier in CA

Baton Rouge Bail Bonds

Everyone knows bail isn’t cheap, not even a little bit. But for those who have the stress of having to pay bail, there are options and solutions of taking care of this payment in ways that won’t be a huge financial burden. We, Baton Rouge Bail Bonds, make bail cheaper and easier.

Depending on the situation, our agents may be able to offer qualified clients a lowered bail rate, up to 20%. To qualify for this discount, a co-signer must be in the military or a member of the American Association of Retired Persons. Alternatively, if the defendant has a private attorney, they can also have the 20% discount applied to their bond.

Discounts or not, our agents work closely with each client to workout a payment schedule that both parties can agree on. There are so many other companies out there who will try and take as much money from you as possible, as quickly as possible, so they can move on to their next victim. Stay away from companies with hidden fees in contracts. Make sure you read any contracts carefully, especially when it involves your money! Also search for any reviews on the company and hear what past clients have to say.

Baton Rouge Bail Bonds is a trustworthy company. No hidden fees. Payment plans that clients feel comfortable with. Cheaper bail. Stress-free process. Our agents truly care about each client. Please call us today to ask us any and all of your questions! Our number is 225-618-1111.