How You Might be able to Lower Bail for Your Loved One

Chatsworth Bail Bonds

Did you know that you can help lower your loved one’s bail amount from say, $90,000 to $9,000? That is a 90% decrease and the way this can happen is if you consult with Chatsworth Bail Bonds.

Our bail bonds are much more affordable and flexible than cash bail. They cost 12% of the defendant’s full bail amount and you get a flexible payment plan to pay this 12% off. You usually cannot have the overall bail amount lowered, so this is the best way to tackle the situation. Do not worry, you have got an excellent team at Chatsworth Bail Bonds behind you.

You can get a free consultation with Chatsworth Bail Bonds, one of Louisiana’s most reliable and trustworthy bail bond companies. We will make sure to bail your loved one out of jail as soon as possible. Chatsworth Bail Bonds will not let you down.

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