Gambling Laws of Louisiana

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Many types of gambling are illegal in Louisiana, but at least Las Vegas is not too far away! It is worth noting that not all forms of gambling are outlawed in Louisiana.

Here are some ways gamblers can get their fix without having to leave Louisiana:

  • Indian Casinos – These are similar to Vegas-style casinos with card tables, bingo, and slot machines. These casinos are built on Indian land and are protected. This is why they are allowed to operate in Louisiana.
  • Card Clubs – Players must pay a fee in order to participate. Instead of betting against other players, they are betting against the “house.”
  • Parimutuel Horse Wagering – This style is where bets are pooled so they are betting against each other instead of the “house.” The pool is divided among the multiple winners, after taxes. In Louisiana, this style of gambling is only allowed in horse racing.
  • Charity – In Louisiana, the only game allowed to gamble on and have the proceeds go to charity is Bingo.
  • Lottery – Louisiana participates in the Mega Millions and SuperLotto Plus, among other state lotteries. Louisiana also manages the Louisiana Lottery.

When it comes to hosting a poker night with the guys at home, and the group wants to place money on the table, it is completely legal as long as the host does not act as the “house” and take their earnings as a business venture profit. In addition, there is a cap on how much money can be gambled between friends: $2,000.

If you cannot make it to Vegas and want to test your luck to try and win some money, you can always go to an Indian casino since there are many within Louisiana. Alternatively, you can call up some friends for a game night.